1. What are the forms of payment accepted by Black Limos?

We accept payment Debit/Credit Cards; Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, JCB, and UnionPay International Logo

2. What happens in case of absence or delay by the client?

If delayed, you can inform us by contacting the number listed on our website (Whatsapp friendly). Fees will apply if delays or no-shows are not reported. In this case, a refund will not be issued

3. Airport wait time, and grace period.
  • *3.1.* International arrivals at the airport: 60 minutes from the time of arrival of the flight.

  • *3.2.* Domestic arrivals at the airport: 30 minutes from the time of arrival of the flight

  • *3.3. *Seaports: 30 minutes from the scheduled pick-up time

  • *3.4.* FBO: 30 minutes from scheduled pickup time

  • *3.5.* Hotel, Landmarks, Residence, Businesses, and other addresses: Doesn't have a wait-time grace period. All clients should be ready to depart on the scheduled time/date. Drivers will normally arrive 10 - 15 prior to the departing time.

All additional waiting time is subject to a surcharge of $0.80 per minute. All flight arrival time is based on information from the Flightview app.

4. What is the cancellation policy?

All cancellations should be reported 24 hours before your scheduled reservation for a full refund. A partial refund will be issued if cancellations are reported after the 24-hour window.

5. Can you smoke or drink alcohol onboard?

No. The use of all Tobacco, Drugs, or Alcohol onboard will incur a penalty fee of $200

6. Do we have car seats or booster seats available?

Yes, we have both car seats and booster seats available upon request. A $15 fee will be applied for each item.